Sunday, November 22, 2009


It's been hard lately getting back on track for work. The family almost suffered a devastating loss through fire....luckily the house survived despite the total devastation suffered by the houses beside and behind our property.
I know our loss is minimal compared to our neighbors, but it is still nerve wracking having to do the clean-up, dealing with the insurance and fire people, etc. So I hoped the upcoming debut party at the Waterfront Hotel would set me in the mood for work and for Christmas.

I knew it would be a fun thing to do. The client and I had decided on a funky flirty kind of look. Judging from the pictures of their design "wants" they wanted a clean modern look which was right up my alley. The only disappointment for them was the fact that we could not have flying balloon in the Caspian Room. Flying balloons are now strictly prohibited in all Cebu City party venues because of the highly flammable hydrogen gas that is used to inflate balloons. And no, helium is not used as is the practice in other places....helium is just too prohibitively expensive.

To assuage their balloon wants, I suggested that we use balloon entrance arrangements instead which they approved of right away. That way, the look of the whole room will retain its youthfulness. I augmented the balloons at the entrance with hanging clusters as aisle decor that will lead to the debutante's gazebo accented by tall planters in pink and brown. Funky, girly but still formal.

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